Apple, Microsoft and Nokia Stocks at their Prime – can Apple continue to Dominate?

Take a look at the three graphs above, all of which have approximately the same timespan, just different years. One of these charts is Apple, one is Microsoft and one is Nokia - can you tell which is which?

I'm not being totally fair, I have to say that two of the charts have been cropped (Microsoft and Nokia's) and the other has not (Apple's) - I did so to illustrate a point.

Apple has reached it's make or break moment.

Unless Apple can revolutionize a device/platform or re-invent itself in the next year, its stock will continue to fall just like what Microsoft and Nokia's stock has done for the years beyond this chart.

Lots of people have been very outspoken on how awesome Apple's stock has performed over the past few years and act as if this is something new in the tech industry to have so much growth in such a short period of time. Microsoft, Nokia, RIM, Netflix and many other tech companies have seen growth like this as well and look at how there stocks are performing today.

If you really sit down and look at what Apple has on the table, it's not that much. iPads and iPhones are flying off the shelves still, but both of those devices have strong new competitors being released everyday, many of which are cheaper and offer a larger range of features.

How much longer can the iPads and iPhones hold up Apple?

On the flip side, look at Microsoft - they have 13+ divisions making 1 billion dollars or more per year. They have a wide, very strong portfolio of services that are quickly becoming a powerful ecosystem that literally no other company can match.

If one division starts failing for Microsoft they have 12 more to carry the load, if one division for Apple falls then suddenly half their profits go out the door practically overnight. Imagine if 2 divisions start failing - then what does Apple do?

I'm not trying to bash Apple here, I'm just trying to show that if you are currently an investor in Apple - I'd really start taking a good look at what Apple truly has to offer and decide if they can keep growth going or will continue to fall down like that of Microsoft and many others?

Apple has lost 200 points in just 4 months, I don't know a whole lot about the stock market, but 200 points seems like a lot to me.

And incase you are wondering, the left graph is Microsoft, middle is Apple and the right is Nokia.