Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

With the general public release of Windows 8 coming this week, I wanted to share a handy list of Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts that will help speed-up your workflow.


  • Win+C: Open charms
  • Win+Q: Search charm
  • Win+H: Share charm
  • Win+K: Devices charm
  • Win+I: Settings charm


  • Win+Q: Search apps
  • Win+W: Search settings
  • Win+F: Search files

Windows 8 Apps

  • Win+Z: Get to app options
  • Win+.: Snap app to the left
  • Win+Shift+.: Snap app to the right
  • Ctrl+Tab: Cycle through app history
  • Alt+F4: Close an app


  • Win+D: Open Desktop
  • Win+,: Peek at desktop
  • Win+B: Back to desktop


  • Win+X: Open system utility settings menu
  • Win+PrntScrn: Take screenshot and save to Pictures
  • Win+Tab: Open switch list
  • Win+T: Preview open windows in taskbar
  • Win+U: Open Ease of Access Center
  • Ctrl+ESC: Start screen
  • Win+Enter: Open Windows Narrator

I found this list a while ago, and can't remember the original source.